Kanger EVOD PRO Starter Kit


Several Kanger Starter Kits recommendation

Today I will recommend some Kanger Starter Kits for you guys, and you can make a comparision with them to decide which one suits you best:
1. Kanger Cupti Starter Kit -- Discount price: $47.90

2. Kanger EVOD PRO V2 Starter Kit -- Discount price:$27.90

3. Kanger Dripbox 160W Starter Kit -- Discount price:$55.90

4. Kanger TOPBOX Mini Starter Kit -- Discount price:$53.90

5. Kanger SUBOX Mini-C Starter Kit (New product) -- Discount price:$31.90

Purchase authentic Kanger EVOD Pro V2 at kanger.info

Purchase authentic Kanger EVOD Pro V2 at kanger.info, the package includes:
1x Evod Pro V2
1x CLOCC coil
1x Micro USB cable
1x Manual