Kanger EVOD PRO Starter Kit


How to use CUPTI properly

1. 5 speedy clicks to switch on/off the battery.
2. After switched on, LCD displays “KANGER TECH” at standby mode.
3. Press fire button 3 times, choose your resistance wire, Ni 200, Ti SS, NiCr or Pure wattage output.
4. For pure Ni200, Ti, SS or NiCr resistance wire, you can set your desired coil temperature to fit your taste.
5. For power output mode, set your desired working wattage that best fits you.
6. Press (+), (-) together to choose LCD display orientation.
7. Press (+), (-) and fire button all together, this can lock the up and down button once you have best setting by pressing the entire buttons together.
8. In case you change the coil or vape in other environment or presetting, you may need to calibrate the CUPTI atomizer as new coil : YES (+), NO (-) for best performance.
9. If no display of calibration:
    a.  Screw down the CLOCC.
    b.  Press the fire button till LCD displays "Check Atomizer".
    c.  Screw back the SUBDRIP and press fire button again.
If you have any questions about CUPTI, you can visit www.kangerforum.com

How about have a try with Kanger Cupti starter kit

The ultimate vaping device from kangertech. everything all in one, designed for both mouth to lung and direct lung vaping experiences. it has temperature control and 5.0ml capacity. Output is 75W. and we redesign the leak resistant system. The atomizer supports optional CLRBA and rebuildable. The glass can be change as well. 18650 battery is perfect for Cupti daily use. 

Multi color for Kanger Cupti kit in stock now

Multi color for Kanger Cupti kit in stock now, black, white, red and Champagne gold, which one would you like to try?

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There are five colors for Kanger Cupti Starter kit for your options, two of them are new released, which one would you like to try?

Features about Kanger Cupti Starter Kit white

The Kanger CUPTI is one of the most compact flagship platforms in its class. This picture will tell you some main parameter about it:

New colors of Kanger Cupti Starter Kit

There are two new colors of Kanger Cupti Starter Kit, rose gold and champagn, which one do you like?

Daily recommendation: Kanger Cupti Starter Kit

Kanger Cupti Starter Kit comes in an all in one design, both suitable for mouth to lung and direct lung vapers. The device featured temperature control system with 5.0ml large e-juice capacity. In addition to that, Kangertech redesign the leak resistant system, which will greatly reduce the leaking issues.

Kanger Cupti Starter Kit for new vapers

If you are a new vaper and have no idea which e-cig to choose, kanger Cupti Starter Kit is great for you. It’s a all-in-one device so you don’t have to choose atomizer for it, all you need is only this kit, and then you can enjoy your vaping time. Cupti starter kit comes with three colors for you to choose, 75W power output is really safe for you, and the leak-free design also make a good point.

Two colors for Kanger CUPTI Starter Kit available now

The Kanger Cupti is an all-in-one device which is designed for both mouth to lung and direct lung vapers. With 5ml liquid capacity, the Kanger Cupti redesign the leak resistant system to help minimize leaking. Up to 75 watts output, it allows to enjoy vaping in various temperature control modes(Nickel 200, Titanium, NiChrome, and Stainless Steel).

Now the two of new colors Kanger Cupti Starter Kit are available, champagne and rose gold, which one would you like to try? Buy 100% authentic at kanger.info.