Kanger EVOD PRO Starter Kit


Something you should know about Kangertech e-cigarettes

Before you buy kangertech e-cigs, please notice that except the all-in-one series kit, all of the original Kanger mod/kit comes with no cells, which means you need to purchase the cells separately. And before you buy the cells, please check out the battery type in case can not work. If you are not sure which battery to use, you can leave a message here or contact with our facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/kangertechnology/

Daily recommendation: Kanger EVOD Pro 2 Starter Kit

Today I’m gonna recommend Kanger Evod Pro 2 Starter Kit to you. It comes in three colors, black, silver and white, all of them are looks beautiful and classic. And this kit also an all in one kit designed by Kangertech, it’s a upgrade version of EVOD Pro Starter kit, also suitable for new vapers.

Daily recommendation: Kanger Dripbox 160W Starter Kit


Dripbox 160W starter kit is also designed by Kangertech, but you should distinguish it from the previous 60W dripbox starter kit, the most difference between them is the different output power.
The Dripbox 160W Starter kit comes in three colors, black, silver and white, you can choose your favorite.

Daily recommendation: Kanger Cupti Starter Kit

Kanger Cupti Starter Kit comes in an all in one design, both suitable for mouth to lung and direct lung vapers. The device featured temperature control system with 5.0ml large e-juice capacity. In addition to that, Kangertech redesign the leak resistant system, which will greatly reduce the leaking issues.

The best price to get an authentic Kanger TOP EVOD Starter kit

Kanger had released many starter kits for new vapers, today I'm gonna recommend Kanger Top EVod Starter Kit for you.
This kit comes with four colors for you to choose: black, red, silver and white. Also featured with the new atomizer, VOCC-T.
The Kit is made up of two parts, TOPtank Evod and eVod battery, if you want to replace the atomizer for another one, it also support that, as long as the new atomizer you choose has a 510 connector.

Reasons for you to choose Kanger e-cig products

1. You can vaping this the Kanger e-cig for many times without product bad air to polluted environment.
2. The wicks are made of Japanese organic cotton, which can provide a lower cost and satisfying alternative to tobacco smoking habits.
3. There is no offensive smells when you are vaping with it.
4. There would not produce second-hand smoke, which will lead damage to teeth and skin.
If you are interested in e-sigarette, please purchase authtentic Kanger Products at kanger.info.

Kanger Cupti Starter Kit for new vapers

If you are a new vaper and have no idea which e-cig to choose, kanger Cupti Starter Kit is great for you. It’s a all-in-one device so you don’t have to choose atomizer for it, all you need is only this kit, and then you can enjoy your vaping time. Cupti starter kit comes with three colors for you to choose, 75W power output is really safe for you, and the leak-free design also make a good point.

Black Kanger Dripbox 160W Starter kit arrived today

Black Kanger Dripbox 160W Starter kit arrived today, we are official authorized distributor, 100% authentic dripbox 160W kit only $55.90, wanna have a try?

Differences between Kanger EVod Pro and EVod Pro V2 Kit

EVod Pro and Evod Pro V2 are both e-cig kit produced by Kanger. Then what are the difference between them?
First of all, the eVod pro comes with a replacement 18650 cell, and this does not include in the package, which means you have to purchase the cell separately. While the eVod Pro V2 kit comes with a build-in 2500mah battery, which provide a long vaping time.

Second, the Kanger eVod Pro kit comes with four colors for you to choose, but eVod Pro V2 only has three colors.

Third, the eVod Pro designed for mouth to lung vapers, and eVod pro V2 kit designed both for mouth to lung vapers and straight to lung vapers, that depend on the coils you choose.
Forth, eVod pro has a build in a 0.1ohm CLOCC atomizer head, and for eVod pro V2 you can choose 0.1ohm or 0.05ohm CLOCC coil.

Two colors for Kanger CUPTI Starter Kit available now

The Kanger Cupti is an all-in-one device which is designed for both mouth to lung and direct lung vapers. With 5ml liquid capacity, the Kanger Cupti redesign the leak resistant system to help minimize leaking. Up to 75 watts output, it allows to enjoy vaping in various temperature control modes(Nickel 200, Titanium, NiChrome, and Stainless Steel).

Now the two of new colors Kanger Cupti Starter Kit are available, champagne and rose gold, which one would you like to try? Buy 100% authentic at kanger.info.

Healthy vaping life with Kanger e-cigarettes

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Introduction about Kanger CLOCC replacement coils

CLOCC, means CLTANK Organic Cotton Coils, is a high quality coil produced by Kanger. It comes with three resistance options for you, and different resistance will featured different package.

0.15ohm and 0.5ohm coils suitable for direct-to-lung vapers

1.5ohm coils suitable for mouth-to-lung vapers

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