Kanger EVOD PRO Starter Kit


Kanger K-Pin Mini Kit Releasing

Dear all,

We are so glad to introduce you a new all-in-one vape pen-Kanger K-Pin Mini

Being the newest version of the AKD series, it is no doubt excellent in quality and performance. Compact though, the K-Pin Mini Kit is powered by a 1500mAh internal battery and has a full power output. Featuring 5 LEDs indicator lights on the side of the host, you can check the battery condition easily. It has a unique design with telescopic mouthpiece which can not only make the whole device look more fashionable but also deliver you a hygienic vaping experience. The 2ml tank can be detached for easy cleaning and maintenance. Besides, it features a top filling solution for convenient adding of e-liquid. There are five colors for your choice: Black, Blue, Red, Green, IP Blue, Rainbow, always a suitable one for you! Choose Kanger, Never Regret

For more information, please click http://www.kanger.info/kanger-k-pin-mini-kit.html

Kanger Vape Starter Kits, Mods, Atomizer, Coils-Official Authorized
September 19th, 2017

News! Kanger KTOGO Kit Has Been Sold Out

Dear all.

We are sorry to announce the following news!

The Kanger KTOGO starter kit has been enjoyed great popularity since it was launched. With the increasing demand, the whole stock of it has been sold out. Meanwhile, the manufacturer announce that they won't produce Kanger KTOGO kit. If you haven't got one yet, you can buy a TOGO Mini which is also excellent in performance!

Thank you for your long love and support for Kanger official authorized online store!

Kanger Vape Starter Kits, Mods, Atomizers, Coils-official authorized
September 13th, 2017

Kanger iKen Kit Launching

Dear all,

We are so glad to introduce you a new vape kit-Kanger iKen Kit

Kanger iKen Vape Kit is powered by a 5100mAh battery, it can fire up to 230W. Featuring a 1.54 inch TFT display screen with multiple modes selection with DIY curves, you can personalize your vape as you like. With "U" airflow, you can have a great vaping experience. Taking all vaping stages into consideration, the iKen Kit has three modes for vapers form beginner to experts, ensuring that vapers of each stages can have a good vaping experience. What attracts most is the leak free tank which has been undergone hundreds of experiments. All in all, Kanger iKen Starter Kit is a perfect choice for you!

For more information, please click http://www.kanger.info/

Kanger Vape Starter Kits, Mods, Atomizer, Coils-Official Authorized
September 11th, 2017

is squeezing type RDA kanger vape kit comming out?

Have you ever used a liquid-squeezing device or not? If you have, how does it work?
If use it on Kanger device, would you like it?

Which level are you now?

Different Atomizer will give you different vaping experience, which level are you now? Starter kit, Sub-Ohm Tank, RTA or RDA?

Does vaping cause popcorn lung?

"If you're a smoker considering vaping as a safer alternative, you can take some comfort in the fact that far smarter people than me have thought about this issue. The Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England have both weighed all of the evidence on e-cigarette hazards -including the danger of popcorn lung — and both have concluded that vaping is a much better choice than smoking, and have encouraged doctors to recommend e-cigs to their smoking patients."

Kangertech FIVE6 Questionnaire

Kangertech FIVE6 Questionnaire:
1. What do you think of the size of FIVE 6?
2. What do you think of the power of FIVE 6?
3. What do you think of the appearance of FIVE 6? 4. What do you think of the Features of FIVE 6?
In a word, how do think of it?

Have you tried to charge your phone with FIVE6?

Kanger Five6 comes with Replaceable 5pcs 18650 batteries and serving as a power bank, max output power 222w, you can charge your phone with it!

FIVE6 features 3 coils for selectable, max 180W output

FIVE6 features 3 coils for selectable, max 180W output. know more by click the follow picture.

Do you have try vaping with coffee?

Vaping with coffee, that is very cool, especially use Kanger K-PIN, you can have a try.

Features of Kanger K-PIN Vepe Pen Kit

1. With top filling system, for easy access, and no spill
2. Features Unique design with telescopic mouthpiece for hygienic and freestyle vaping
3. Slim body with built-in 2000 mAh Li-battery, 5 LED Shows battery level, easy to operate it, with full power output design, you can enjoy huge clouds experience.
 Kanger K-PIN
4. Features Shocking appearance with blue, white, black, red and yellow, always a suitable one for you, be worth to have own.

If you want to know more, you can visit our website: http://www.kanger.info/kanger-k-pin-kit-built-in-2000mah-battery-mod-with-optional-4ml-and-2ml-capacity-atomizer.html. Never let you down.

KangerTech third AKD product will be released soon!

KangerTech third AKD product will be released soon!
Please guess, and what kind of type do you like?!
Pay attention to us http://www.kanger.info
New product never let you down!

FIVE 6 for DL inhales, wattage mode is easy to use

FIVE 6 for DL inhales, wattage mode is easy to use. know more at http://www.kanger.info/kangertech-five-6-kit-222w-five-6-mod-with-top-filling-8ml-capacity-tank.html

kanger Five6, clouds chaser

Kangertech FIVE6, green and blue, clouds chaser.

Which one color would you like the new colors of K-PIN

If Kanger release new colors for K-PIN, which one color is your favorite?

Kanger Five6 Starter Kit launched and in stock

Kanger Five6 Starter Kit launched, in stock now, welcome to purchase it now. know more details at http://www.kanger.info/kangertech-five-6-kit-222w-five-6-mod-with-top-filling-8ml-capacity-tank.html. you will like it very much.

Recommend Kangertech K1 Box Mod Today

You can know some features of Kanger K1 Box Mod from follow picture, also you can visit kanger.info to know more.

know more about Kanger KBOX Mini Platinum

The KBOX Mini Platinum retains the style of the previous versions of the KBOX devices, but also has improvement in many features. know more about it from follow picture.

Kangertech New Product Coming Soon

Kanger FIVE6 KIT coming soon! Pay attention to us

Kanger KBOX 70 TC 70W 4000mAh built-in battery Mod

Kanger KBOX 70 4000mAh TC 70W Box Mod, design of built-in battery brings great convenience of replacing cells, just easily charging via a Micro USB port.  it is easy to transport and access for its lightweight zinc and aluminum alloy material. Enjoy a powerful and versatile vaping experience on this portable and compact temperature control device! Just only need $30.8 at http://www.kanger.info